About Us


    The Salvage Groups, Inc. was established to handle the increasing variety of damaged cargo claims and losses throughout the world.  Our emphasis is to buy and sell exclusively damaged cargo, working with the appropriate representatives of the insured.


    Our associates jointly have over 300 years of combined experience involving all types of commodities and damaged cargo.  They have assisted in resolving prompt and fair solutions to thousands of cargo claims.


    The salvage Groups has several offices located throughout North America as well as active working partnerships and associates globally to assist on salvage claims worldwide.


    The salvage Groups extensive worldwide network of buyers allows for damaged cargo to be handled quickly and efficiently reducing costly demurrage, detention, or potential storage expense.


    Upon notification of a cargo loss, our company will gather necessary information to initiate an inspection plan normally within 24 hours.  Through our various offices, we can travel to the loss site and conduct a through assessment of the condition of the affected products.


    With the added benefit of advanced communication technologies, a comprehensive report is provided to any potential buyer allowing for the formulation of a competitive bid or offer which is then presented to the appropriate seller by a specified deadline for recouping of lost revenues caused from the accident or loss.


    The Salvage Groups, Inc. upon request, can offer the following services on a case by case basis:
    • On site condition report containing full quantity, quality and damage assessments.
    • Arrange to have damaged cargo sampled and tested to make valid comparisons to undamaged inventory.
    • Separation of cargo based on damage, or quality differentials.
    • Work with all necessary personnel contacts including, but not limited to, surveyors, ware houseman, stevedores, container agents, vessel agents, custom brokers, and governmental agencies, etc. to determine, resolve and minimize the volume of cargo that would be considered unacceptable or of a salvage quality.
    • Assist as requested to conduct a salvage sale bid tender to maximize the salvage returns to the insured and forward all valid bids received for review and decision.


    The Salvage Groups, Inc. stands behind every salvage bid and guarantees all of its services!